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Monday, March 29, 2010

FUN confetti easter eggs

This is a fun & EASY little Easter activity!!! Confetti filled easter eggs!!
Here is how you do it...

Poke holes on both ends of the egg (i just used the tip of my knife). Make sure one end is large enough for the confetti. Blow out the insides and wash.
Color the eggs. (1/2 cup boiling water, 15 drops of food coloring & tsp of vinegar)
Don't let your 2 year old play with eggs....
I put confetti in a ziplock and cut the end....worked out quite nice!
Mod Podge a piece of tissue onto the holes.
Let dry. Then crack over your hubby's head when he least expects it!!

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  1. The pictures are great . . . were they taken in manual???

  2. haha that cracks me up! (oops pun not intended but it works!) I love that idea. My hubby would get a kick out of it too. Thanks for sharing at Fun to Craft's Spring has Sprung Party!