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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My new FRIEND!!

Ahhhh....this stuff is a lifesaver!! I left rust spots ALL OVER my stone and backyard concrete. I mixed a little of this magic powder with some water, made a paste and scrubbed. Like magic, the rust was gone!!!! Then i moved on to my stainless sparkles! Next stop, the rust spot in Bella's tub.

I love finding new products!!! I had to make room in my heart for both this and my Shark Steam Mop (can't get enough of that thing)!!


  1. Ooh love both Bar Keeper's Friend and the Shark Steamer!

  2. thanks for he tip...can I get it by the case??

  3. That is the best stuff! It's the only reason my pots and pans still look useable!