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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bow hanger tutorial

I have always wanted to make one of these! Rylee (my daughter's bff) turning 2 was the perfect reason!!!

This is how I did it....

Bought this wood at Michael's and sprayed it black.
Used my beloved Cricut to cut the "R" out of a roll of wrapping paper.
Traced the oval on pink paper for the face of the bow holder.
Mod Podged everything on.
Cut about 14 inches of coordinating ribbon. Hot glued them together and glued the small bow to the bottom.
Thumb tacked (that was all I had) the long ribbon to the bottom and looped the short piece on the top for a hanger.
Here it is!!! I hope it looks good in Rylee's room!!!

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  2. ADORABLE!!! you did a great job!!

    Thanks for linking up to I'm Lovin' It! Hope to see you again this week!