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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The perfect Saturday!

Here is a peek at my perfect Saturday with my perfect little family!! We are so lucky to have a beautiful park near our home. This is not just any has a real steam engine train, a stream, lots of trees and a farmer's market every Saturday!!

This is where we always start. The CREPE stand!! is Bella giving Mark her order and making sure they can get some fresh squeezed orange juice, too!!
We take our goodies to the park to eat....
Play in the trees!
Make some wishes!!
Finish up our crepes.

Then we wait for the train & find a few lucky clovers....
and wait some more....

Yes!! Here comes the train.

We wave at all of the children {I was too excited to take pictures}
and then we wait some more for the train to come around again!!

Hope you had a great weekend!!! xoxo!!


  1. so super cute, is that the train in Poway? My mom took Ainsleigh there last summer and she loved it.
    We will be in town for the summer starting June 27th we really should get together.

  2. So cute! Bella is such a little girl now! Love her hair . . .