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Monday, December 20, 2010

Cookies & more Cookies!!

A fun filled week of COOKIES!!!!

Tuesday: Cookie Exchange
Wednesday: Cookie Exchange
Thursday: Cookie decorating party

Every year I host my Playgroup Mama's Cookie & Gift Exchange! We always have a great time!

I make Ina's Garten's grown up mac and cheese...mmmm!
But the STARS of the show are the fabulous cookies the Mama's share......
this year I made Oreo Balls.

If you want the PDF to my Oreo balls tag...just go HERE.
{they are made to fit over a snack sized baggie}

What a fun tradition! I hope it will continue for years to come!!

Merry ALMOST Christmas!!!!


  1. I realize it is after Christmas, but I have just found your blog and these Oreo Balls tags are some of the cutest things I have ever seen! Whenever you get the chance, if at all possible (of course there are 11 months until Christmas now!) I would love to have the pdf file for these tags! Thanks so much!

  2. I just found your blog too (so happy!) and would love the PDF of the oreo balls. I also just downloaded the Valentines prints and added you to my Google Reader! Happy Sunday to you :)

  3. Sooo cute! May I have a copy of the PDF too? Thanks!!!

  4. i managed to download your oreo ball tags when i downloaded your valentine tags...thank you soooo much for doing these. but now i need to make the oreo balls and so would you mind giving out the recipe? i'm sure you could, er...i could think of something valentiney to do wtih oreo balls...right? thank you in advance.