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Monday, March 15, 2010


Let the biological warfare begin!
Our yard has been taken over by my worst enemy....BROWN SNAILS! So, Mark and I headed out and picked up carnivorous snails and spread them all over the yard. I spent last night laying in bed dreaming of these pricey little snails eating my enemy and laying tons of "good snail" eggs!

We bought our snails at :


  1. Laying in bed and dreaming of snails huh? It wasn't the pool boy you were dreaming of? Oh wait, you are the pool boy, nevermind.

  2. love it! I will be "following" you....I want some good mormon crafts!! :) Is that completely politically incorrect?? it shouldn't's a definite compliment!!

  3. GO BUY DUCKS! they will totally take care of your snail problems, and Bella will love them too!